Mittwoch, 23. Juli 2014

Internationale Experten empfehlen "Einfach Ballengang"

Während die Resonanz auf "Einfach Ballengang" in Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz im Grunde seit Veröffentlichung sehr gut ist, ziehen nun langsam aber sicher internationale Experten nach.

Hier ein kleiner Auszug was diese Herren zu "A Simple Guide to the Forefoot Step" zu sagen haben:

"Dirk Beckmann’s The Forefoot Step is a helpful book. I recommend it to patients that will benefit from increased awareness of their own gait patterns, and through practice of the forefoot step, cultivate new, less-impactful habits of function and gait. "
Dr. Ray McClanahan DPM, Natural Sports Podiatrist,
Portland/Oregon, USA,

 "I've been teaching people to run with a fore-foot-first landing for decades, and to incorporate the same concepts when walking to help eliminate many common foot problems, such as Plantar  Fasciitis, etc.. "A Simple Guide to the Forefoot Step" by Dirk Beckman, explains the application of the fore-foot step to walking in wonderful detail.
Barefoot Ken Bob Saxton, co-author "Barefoot Running Step by Step" (2011), and founder of the original Running Barefoot website (1997)

"This wunderful little book is enchanting easy to read and has sound contend at the same time. A elegant piece of work indeed"
Dr. biol.hum. Dipl.Psych. Robert Schleip, international Rolfing Instructor, Feldenkrais Teacher, Ulm/München,

“Dirk Beckmann's approach to forefoot walking is clearly laid out, beautifully presented, and easily accessible by the lay person”
Thomas Myers, author of "Anatomy Trains" (Elsevier 2001, 2009) and "Fascial release for Structural Balance" (North Atlantic 2010),

"I enjoyed Dirk's book. While training resilience and adaptability during a healing process, I often teach clients to "walk silently like a Ninja". Leave it to clear German logic to simply call it the "forefoot step". I appreciate that I can recommend Dirk's book as an easy-to-read take-home learning tool for the process."
 Aaron Gustafson LMT, CAMT II a.k.a.: Psoas, Portland/Oregon, USA,

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